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BioPorto is listed on the NASDAQ Copenhagen stock exchange. [CPH: BIOPOR]


Communication Policy

To BioPorto, openness and transparency are essential in maintaining good relations with investors. BioPorto aims to give the market open, satisfactory information about the company’s operations, strategy and results with a view to ensuring fair pricing of our shares and to contribute to ensuring good corporate governance.

All stakeholders should have fast, equal access to important information about BioPorto’s development and growth. One of the ways this is effectuated is by publicizing in-house knowledge in company announcements to Nasdaq Copenhagen, which are subsequently made available on this website (

Investors and other interested parties can sign up for notification of published company announcements, newsletters, and other material by contacting Investor Relations to request access. Other publicized information, including general corporate and investor presentations, is made available to the general public on this website.

To ensure an efficient, expedient dialog with our shareholders, BioPorto encourages its shareholders to let their shareholding be registered and to participate in annual general meetings. The Investor Relations department is also responsible for ensuring that information from the company’s investor-stakeholders is passed on to the corporate management team.


Investor contacts:

EU Investor Relations

Claus Thestrup, HC Andersen Capital

+45 4529 0000 | [email protected]


US Investor Relations

Ashley Robinson, LifeSci Advisors

+1 617 430 7577 | [email protected]