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BioPorto is subject to the recommendations prepared by the Committee on Corporate Governance, which are available at

The Board of Directors regularly assesses how the recommendations may contribute to strengthening the management of BioPorto and ensure maximum value creation for the company’s shareholders. Once a year, the Board of Directors reviews the recommendations, evaluating BioPorto’s degree of compliance. The Board of Directors believes that BioPorto complies with all of the recommendations of the Committee.


The Statutory report on Corporate Governance is attached below.

Corporate Governance 2021.pdf


The Statutory reports on Corporate Governance 2012 – 2019:

Corporate Governance 2020.pdf

Corporate Governance 2019.pdf

Corporate Governance 2018.pdf

Corporate Governance 2017.pdf     God Selskabsledelse 2017.pdf

Corporate Governance 2016.pdf     God Selskabsledelse 2016.pdf

Corporate Governance 2015.pdf     God Selskabsledelse 2015.pdf

Corporate Governance 2014.pdf     God Selskabsledelse 2014.pdf

Corporate Governance 2013.pdf     God Selskabsledelse 2013.pdf

Corporate Governance 2012.pdf     God Selskabsledelse 2012.pdf



BioPorto is aware of its corporate social responsibility and endeavors to improve social and environmental conditions. In addition, the corporate social responsibility report is provided in BioPorto’s Annual Report. BioPorto has signed the UN Global Compact, and the latest Communication on Progress, which is available here.

BioPorto Diversity Policy – see more here.



Remuneration policy and guidelines for incentive-based remuneration of the board of directors and executive management of BioPorto A/S.

These Guidelines have been prepared pursuant to the Recommendations on Corporate Governance, Recommendation 4 and section 139 of the Danish Companies Act, according to which BioPorto A/S must prepare a remuneration policy and guidelines for incentive remuneration covering the Company’s Board of Directors and Executive Management, where “Executive Management” is defined as the Manager(s) registered with the Danish Business Authority as Manager(s) of the Company.

The Guidelines were approved at the Annual General Meeting of BioPorto A/S on April 29, 2021.

The guidelines are presented for the general meeting’s approval at least every four years and upon significant changes.

Information about the current remuneration of the Company’s Board of Directors and Executive Management is found in the annual report, which is also available on the annual report section of this website.

Remuneration policy and guidelines for incentive-based remuneration.pdf

Vederlagspolitik og retningslinjer for incitamentsaflønning.pdf



BioPorto carries out development and sales activities in the area of diagnostics. Through its activities, the Group is exposed to a number of risks that could significantly affect its operations in the event these risks are not correctly assessed and managed. BioPorto’s policy is to identify and mitigate risks deriving from the Group’s operations and to establish adequate insurance coverage. BioPorto has established risk management as a formalized process for the purpose of generating a close connection between the Group’s ongoing objectives and activities and the individual risk elements within the Group’s sphere of activity. In connection with the new corporate strategy, Management has specifically addressed risks relating to new objectives. Follow this link to learn more: Risk Management



Board Committees 2021.pdf



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