Strategy Committee

The Strategy Committee is established to address and assess the Company’s strategic activities.


Committee members:


The Strategy Committee’s main tasks, which have all been addressed and discussed during 2022, include:

  • Assisting the Board in discharging its oversight duties for the development and implementation of the Company’s strategic plan and the risks associated with such plan,
  • Reviewing the Company’s strategic plan and overall strategy including the process for development, approval and modification of the Company’s strategic plan,
  • Reviewing the Company’s overall strategy with respect to mergers and acquisitions,
  • Reviewing any strategic initiatives identified by the Board or Corporate Management team from time to time, including; acquisitions, investments, dispositions of businesses and assets and business expansions,
  • Assisting Corporate Management team with identifying key issues, options and external developments impacting the Company’s strategy. Meeting with management periodically to monitor the Company’s progress against its strategic goals, and
  • Ensuring that the Board is regularly apprised of the Company’s progress with respect to implementation of any approved strategy.